La Costa Town Square
Carlsbad, CA

Project Information

The property is located on the southeast and northeast corners of the Rancho Santa Fe Road/La Costa Avenue intersection, and the owner is Property Development Centers (PDC).

The project will have two access points off Rancho Santa Fe Road: a right-turn-only driveway just east of La Costa Avenue, and a fully signalized entrance at the Paseo Lupino intersection. The driveway will lead shoppers to a commercially themed main street and a centrally located pedestrian plaza that will serve as the center’s focal point. The plaza will feature a clock tower, water fountain, landscaped planters and trees in grated planters. Seat walls will provide a public gathering area for the development and the neighborhood.

East of the plaza will be a Vons grocery store and other inline retail shops, and west of the plaza will be several major retail stores and other shops.

Two major parking fields in the project’s center, divided by the main street, will provide parking. Multi-tenant and single-tenant pads will be dispersed around the project’s perimeter.

The corner of Rancho Santa Fe Road and La Costa Avenue will feature an enhanced pedestrian entry with extensive landscaping, monument walls, entry tower and water features, leading to an outdoor plaza formed by potential restaurant buildings. A 3.7-acre open space buffer will separate the project’s three land-use elements of residential housing, commercial stores and office areas. The landscaped buffer will contain bioswales and basins to protect water quality.

Several pedestrian access ways will crisscross the center. A pedestrian pathway will provide access from the cul-de-sac of the proposed neighborhood to the east to La Costa Avenue. Pedestrian access ways will also be provided along the vehicular access points and to the bus stop on Rancho Santa Fe Road. The pedestrian system will feature landscaped sidewalks along vehicle travel lanes, and through the center of the site.

New trails and sidewalks will link the project with surrounding neighborhoods.  Bicycle lanes on Rancho Santa Fe Road and La Costa Avenue will provide access to the center, which will also provide facilities to store bicycles on site. North County Transit provides bus service via Route 304.

The project also includes improvements to the curb, gutter and sidewalks on Rancho Santa Fe Road and La Costa Avenue. New signalized intersections will be installed at the entry points on La Costa Avenue and Camino de los Coches, and also on Levante Street as warranted.